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Blog #1: The Miracle of Sight

Sitting with my beautiful granddaughter, who is almost 5 months old. Took her outside to see if the sounds, the sights, and the feel of the wind would stop her fussing.  Instantly the world around her was the distraction that took her mind off of whatever was bothering her. I sat with her and looked out across the backyard to the mountains, looked up to the palm trees blowing in the wind.  We listened to airplanes, and as she looked up in the sky, I remembered. I remembered that when I was born at Kings County Hospital, I was a premie. The doctors had to decide whether to put me in the incubator, but my active and healthy little self convinced them that I did not need it.  As it turns out, all the children in incubators at that time had become visually impaired because the temperature was not monitored correctly. What a blessing for me—and as I watch my little Jazz Glory look at the world around her, I have her to thank for reminding me that the gift of sight is miraculously beautiful.  Every day let's take account of the blessings that accompany us through life. Today the sky never looked bluer, the mountains clearer and the trees greener. Baruch HaShem, thank you God!