Blog #2: Mom and my work

I am thinking today about when I went to the hospital to get my tonsils out at the age of four, and it seems like the next memory that I had was waking up on my first day of school…

Blog #1: The Miracle of Sight

Sitting with my beautiful granddaughter, who is almost 5 months old. Took her outside to see if the sounds, the sights, and the feel of the wind would stop her fussing.  Instantly the world around her was the distraction that…


Release of Lemba CD

From the CD cover:


The Lemba Jews of Zimbabwe by Modreck Maeresera (President of the Harere Lemba Synagogue, educator and shochet)  Excerpts: 

Our ancestors migrated from Judaea soon after the destruction of the Second Temple. Their first stop was Sena,Yemen…

Last Week in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Monday and Tuesday 

After a long trek to the Great Zimbabwe and meeting with Dr Rabson Wuriga, I spent most of Monday relaxing and catching up on sleep and much needed rest.  On Monday evening I was picked up…


Zimbabwe Shabbat

Zimbabwe Friday to Sunday 

So much to tell it is hard to know where to begin.  I will do it chronologically. 

Friday we had class at the place that I am staying in Emerald Hill.  A wonderful BnB that has…


Zimbabwe Day 2 

I woke up at 09:30 this morning after getting at least 10 hours of sleep which I badly needed. Went to the Lemba Synagogue to teach around 11:00 am. George picked me up—he had waited for gas from 3-6 am.…


Zimbabwe Harare Lemba Synagogue 

Wednesday 10 July 2019 

In one evening I am in heavenly shock.  To learn from Moderick about the Lemba.  They have circumsicion at 8 years old.  They do as many other tribes—many young boys together. Then they learn the Lemba…


Fifth Day home

Fifth day home: 

I woke up this morning at the highly unusual time of 0700 am (but with jet lag, this is the new me—until I stop going to bed at 10 pm) and realized that I have to read…


Uganda Day 6

On one of my trips to Uganda Dr. Scott Calig, a member of Temple Aliyah, gave me a centrifuge to bring to the newly built Tobin clinic in Mbale—built by the Jewish community and serving the entire community…


Kenya First installment

Travel from Mbale to Kasuku with Jeremy Stein was long and arduous. But I am so glad to have made it. I miss my beautiful family and I miss my colleagues, but seeing the mountains of Kenya, Mount Kenya, the…


Kenya Second post

Kenya Installment 2 

Sitting at JFK watching a flight to LAX leave before my eyes—but I booked a later flight so that if the connection went badly I could make it. So I sit here, longing to get back but…


Finding my "Voice"

So now you know what I was doing doing during part of my vacation in June and July.  I was in sequestration in a hotel in Los Angeles near the Universal studios for almost three weeks. To get there I…